Adventures at Aquaventure Water Park is All About Allowing go And Really Encountering The Joy

The two terms jointly-Aquaventure waterpark and adventures can only double our curiosity into the surprises the park retains. I guess any sane particular person will feel of tons of enjoyable and thrills.
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Aquaventure waterpark is all about letting go and definitely suffering from the pleasure on the water rides and slides. The h2o rides consist of

The Tower of Poseidon

Get prepared to fight the king of the sea in a head blowing collection of report breaking rides and slides.


Flavor Aquaconda the world's biggest waterslide. The gigantic sea serpent blasts you by a dim and twisted tunnel just before dropping into world's finest fiberglass tube.


The waterslide offers you not a single but a blend of sensations from mad plummets to vertical zooms with thrilling rides that will depart your head spinning.

Poseidon's Revenge

Step up to the problem at head boggling speeds of 60Km/hr you velocity as a result of the park.


Journey down the world's very first waterslide in frenzy as you contend from your good friends to uncover out who's quickest.

Useful Recommendations

For basic safety, obtain to selected rides is constrained to those around 1.2m

The Tower of Neptune

Get all set to examine the mystery at the tower of Neptune. The slides include:

The Leap of Faith

A leap of faith on the 9 story tall mega slide you ask? It doesn't sound like a great concept but you are going to definitely love the practical experience as you get hurtled in a around vertical fall by means of an acrylic tube experiencing the stunning views of sharks and cownose rays.

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