Quick Guide to Use Instagram DM API Boon to IG Businesses

Instagram has nearly 1 billion active monthly users. Indeed, not surprisingly, Instagram is one of the most accepted and popular social networks worldwide. Now, people from all across the globe come to Instagram to discover new small-scale businesses and brands.

As more people get inspired by the posts and stories, they connect directly through direct messages. Here is where Instagram DM API comes into the picture! Further, there are more personal ways to connect to the brands, including story replies, mentions, and more. But, naturally, if you have access to reply to the business quickly, what can be better!

So, how does Instagram DM API help your business?

Instagram DM API is a boon for businesses in today’s digital world to connect to their customers. It makes it possible for your whole business team to manage all Instagram messages, along with other channels. The other media can be Whatsapp, Messenger, FB, and more.

Secondly, with Instagram DM API, you as a business need not share Instagram’s account credentials with all team members. Thus, it helps you reduce the privacy risks at each level. Now, brands can directly interact with the customers using the Instagram DM API to boost their sales. Here is how you can speed up your customer service with the Instagram API.

Better Customer Service with IG DM API

Choosing Instagram as the first social media channel to promote your brand is significant. Instagram is now one of the most popular channels to connect with your clients and customers. So it is better to place your brand right there!

Previously, you had to forward your customers to an email address referenced with your business. Now, with IG DM API, you can answer their questions right away. Note that users ask questions and want the answers at the exact moment. In such cases, Instagram DM API helps you solve their queries on priority. It’s all about gratification and speed, as more customers want instant solutions to their questions.

DMs help you ensure that all the customer’s questions are being answered on time. Plus, it maintains a clear overview of your brand, including whether users like your products, what can be the next thing to include in your branding and more!

The new Messaging API allows you to make full use of the DMs to work together in other social media channels.

What makes Instagram DM API a necessity for survival today?

Straightway, 75% of the users directly want to message a business. Plus, it is surprising to note that 64% of people prefer messaging over a phone call or emails. Sometimes, as a business owner, you will experience that many IG users turn to messenger to address their grievances.

Thus, at once, where it is essential to include messenger tools for brands to establish communication with your customers, Instagram has done more to it. The DM API has enabled Instagram businesses to establish the conversation between them and their customers correctly.

Reasons to use Instagram DM API with the latest Instagram update

It is incredible to know that 90% of the people follow at least one business on Instagram. What makes it more interesting is that small-scale businesses can connect with customers with the help of IG stories, mentions, and more. Well, they do it incredibly well!

That means leveraging all the Instagram tools to engage the right target audience, boost sales, and grow your business is the need of the hour. So, if you use IG DM API, you will be able to do the following things all at once.

#1 Benefit for using Instagram DM API:

  • It helps your business to increase efficiency and productivity.

If you are one of the businesses primarily using Facebook and Instagram for primary customer interaction, this Instagram DM API is a boon for you. How?

It is because the new API helps you manage all the communications in one place. That means it allows you to be more responsive and enhance customer engagement to just another level. Yes, it dramatically streamlines your workflows.

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