MS Word Dotx File – Introduction, Reasons for File Corruption and its Possible Recovery

The DOTX file extension is a part of MS Word application, a popular document or text editor. This file is created by the 2007 and later versions of MS Word. Versions prior to 2007 save these templates with .dot file extension. MS Word is an application of the Microsoft Office suite that enables the user to share and creates text documents by bringing together wide-ranging writing tools with user-friendly interface. MS Word facilitates creating both content and layout templates. A content template is a document that provides a TOC and can be modified to correspond the needs of the user. On the other hand, a layout template is a guide for the file styles. Dotx file extensions are the template files of MS Word. It is an amalgamation of ZIP compression and XML architecture for size reduction.

The DOTX templates are used when the user wants to make several Word documents with same formatting. They contain settings and layout of the Word document and enable the users to use same format and layout for multiple documents without creating each one from the beginning. DOTX templates also contain AutoText, toolbar setting and macros. Its format is supported by various third-party applications including StarOffice, Adobe LiveCycle Designer, Open Office and Microsoft Office.

DOTX file is prone to frequent corruption. When a data corruption occurs, the file becomes inaccessible and the related application or the system will give an error. There are various unforeseen reasons or causes of file corruption or data loss. Some of them include:

  • Power failures
  • Abrupt system shutdowns, caused by performing an restart or power outages
  • Bad programming in case of incorrect data saving or hard restarts
  • Hardware failures and problems, including bad RAM, bad sectors, hard drive failure, etc
  • Failure to remove external hard drives and other storage devices before powering them off or disconnecting them
  • Trojan or Virus attack

Any of these reasons can cause a corruption in a file. A corrupted ".dotx" file can apparently go missing and further leads to data loss. User cannot open or access ".dotx" files and the important data is lost. It is advisable that you create a backup of all the valuable files, regardless of the file type. You can delete the damaged file and might be able to retrieve an older version. If you have not created the backup, the only solution left is to go for a reliable and effective third-party repair and recovery tool.

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